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o    On January 10, CASH 5 is expanded from two drawings per week to five. Drawings are held nightly, Monday through Friday.  Sales for CASH 5 grow quickly in proportion to the additional drawings.

o    Many Lottery offices are closed for a week when a storm blankets Kentucky with 16 inches of snow. The Lottery continues its computer operations.  Drawing and security personnel work hard to see that the drawings continue and are televised. The KLC manages to sell over $5 million in tickets for the week, even though virtually every major road in the state is closed.

February 8

o    The KLC reaches $1 billion in prizes paid to players.


o    The KLC begins sales of the $2 niche game, WILD MONEY, on March 2.  The initial order of seven million tickets is sold out in six weeks.  WILD MONEY, which is a matching game, has a top prize of $10,000. This wildly successful game is reordered several times.

o    On March 28, the KLC makes a $21 million dividend payment to the commonwealth.  This extraordinary payment is possible because of a new accounts receivable billing procedure that sweeps instant ticket retailer accounts weekly.


o    On April 4, the Kentucky Lottery Corporation celebrates its fifth anniversary by launching PICK 4, a daily on-line game. PICK 4 replaces The PICK.

o    The KLC holds a celebration at the Louisville Galleria where Governor Jones is presented with a symbolic check for $446 million, the amount the Kentucky Lottery has returned to the state in its first five years of operation.  The governor also signs into law a bill written by the KLC, Senator Joe Meyer and Representative Marshall Long.  The law enhances accountability of the lottery and retailers, clarifies procurement and conflict of interest provisions and improves Lottery administration.  It also requires that dividends be paid to the state on a monthly basis (something the board of directors approved in August 1993).

o    On April 13, Charles “Shorty” Howard of Winchester, Kentucky wins $9 million in LOTTO KENTUCKY.  It is the largest LOTTO jackpot in nearly two years.  Howard, a tenant farmer for over 20 years, becomes recognized for his remark upon winning, “I’ll keep on farming, but with a smile on my face instead of a worry.”

o    On April 20, Brenda Knopf of Bloomfield, Kentucky wins $64.2 million in POWERBALL. At the time, this is the second largest jackpot awarded to a single winner in U.S. lottery history.


o    The Kentucky Lottery finishes the fiscal year by returning a then-record $114 million to the state. This is $14 million more than in any other year and $4 million more than the state budget estimate. In addition, this record dividend is accomplished on sales that are slightly below those in 1993, when $100 million was returned to the state.


o    Lottery retailer Paul Rhoton of Adolphus, Kentucky rents a limousine to bring LOTTO KENTUCKY winner Alice Burgess to Louisville to claim her $1.2 million prize.  This was the first time a retailer has provided such first-class transportation for someone who bought a winning ticket in their store.

o    The KLC board of directors approves the lottery’s voluntary affirmative action plan.  The plan includes hirings, promotions, diversity training, and procurement.