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o       The Kentucky Lottery becomes one of the top states in per capita sales, moving from 26th place into the top five in just one year. In January 1991, the per capita sales in Kentucky were $1.01. One year later per capita sales are $2.68. Much of the success is attributed to the introduction of a multi-game instant ticket strategy and higher prize payouts.
o       The KLC launches POWERBALL, a new multi-state, on-line game featuring nine ways to win a mega-million dollar jackpot. The game is governed by the Multi-state Lottery Association and replaces the LOTTO*AMERICA game. Tickets are $1 per play and drawings are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The drawings are televised live from MUSL headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.
May 12
o        Jim Hosker resigns as president of the KLC. Governor Brereton C. Jones recommends that CFO Brian Potter be promoted to president.  The KLC board of directors approves the promotion.
o       The Kentucky Lottery finishes the fiscal year with sales in excess of $427 million, an increase of more than 100 percent from 1991.  The KLC secures a place in history with this feat, which had never been achieved by a state lottery. As a result, the KLC returns $100 million to the Commonwealth of Kentucky instead of the $61 million that had been projected.
o       The KLC changes the time of its nightly televised drawings to10:58 p.m. EST in order to allow players additional time to purchase tickets.  This was especially beneficial to citizens in the Central Time Zone who previously had to purchase their tickets prior to a 6:28 p.m. CST drawing.
o       “The Dream Machine,” a mobile TV studio is created to take the KLC’s drawings on the road to fairs and festivals across the state.
November 11
o       The KLC continues its leadership in the lottery industry by being the first U.S. lottery to offer an extended-play instant scratch-off BINGO ticket that looks and plays like the real game.  Each BINGO ticket sells for $2 and has four BINGO cards.  The game has a top prize of $10,000.