Ask For the Sale


The object of this promotion is to ask every customer to purchase a Lottery ticket. It gives the retailer an opportunity to increase awareness and purchases of Lottery tickets.


An “ask for the sale” promotion is an excellent way to increase sales and to motivate the sales staff with sales incentives.

  1. Determine the type of “Ask for the Sale” promotion and how long to run the promotion.
  2. Determine what types of employee incentive to run, how to track results and what type of prize to award for the top sales clerk(s). Make sure measurement is fair to all shifts and all employees.
  3. Develop point of sale materials, like “If we don’t ask you to buy a Lottery ticket, you get one free” bulletin board banners and “Ask for the Sale” buttons which read, “Ask me if I don’t ask you.”< /li>
  4. Train sales staff to ask each customer to buy a Lottery ticket during the promotion.
  5. Award the top sales person(s) each week, and award a grand prize for the top sales person during the entire promotion. Post the top sales persons’ names in the store.
The Lottery may provide:
  • Lottery representative to assist in planning the promotion and publicity; and assist in conducting the promotion if available.
  • Game-specific point of sale materials.
  • Promotional premium items if available.


Store-to-Store Contest

Multiple-owned stores (chain accounts) are each given a sales goal which exceeds the average amount of Lottery tickets normally sold. The clerks and managers at each of the stores who meet or exceed their goals are awarded prizes. If several of the stores far exceed the Lottery sales of other stores, special prizes could be awarded to the staff of those stores.

Team-to-Team Contest

Hold a four-week “Ask for the Sale” contest within a single store. Divide the clerks into three teams and challenge each team to sell the most instant tickets. Increase POS materials during the promotion. The winning team receives a specified number of Lottery tickets. The tickets are scratched as a group, with each team splitting the winnings equally.

Ask for the Redemption Contest

A twist to the “Ask for the Sale” promotion is the “Ask for the Redemption” promotion. Determine the “normal” number of winning tickets paid out by each salesperson during their shift, develop redemption goals for each person and have the clerks ask customers if they have winning tickets to cash (and turn the winning tickets into store merchandise and additional Lottery sales). The sales clerks with the highest percentage increase in redemptions and/or who reaches or exceeds their goals will receive designated prizes/awards.