Theft Reimbursement Policy

Theft is never something you want to think about, but in the event it should happen to you here is the KLC’s ‘Retailer Theft Reimbursement Policy’

The Kentucky Lottery will reimburse/credit retailers for stolen instant scratch-off tickets under the following conditions:
1. The theft must be a result of a burglary or robbery. Any other incident (ex. shoplifting) shall be at the discretion of the Senior Vice President for Security. Internal/employee theft does not apply. The theft must be reported in a timely manner directly to the Division of Security @ 1-502- 560-1804. Thefts occurring during KLC non-business hours, weekends and holidays shall be reported to the Customer Service Department @ 1-800-937-8946.

2. The reporting person must be a responsible representative of the business/company i.e. owner, manager, or supervisor.

3. The reporting person must be able to provide exact game number(s), pack number(s) and ticket range(s).

4. The reporting person must be able to provide a police report number, name of police agency and investigating officer's name.

5. A copy of the police report must be sent to the KLC Division of Security within 10 business days and must contain the information identified in item #4.

Kentucky Lottery Corporation
Division of Security
1011 W. Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202
Fax: (502) 560-1535

7. The final total reimbursement/credit due will be determined by the KLC Accounting Department.
8. The Security Department reserves the right to deny reimbursement/credit for inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information.
9. This policy applies to instant scratch-off tickets only.