Ordering Supplies

Spec Funct Key

1. Press the Green Special Function Key on your keypad to order supplies.

Supplies 12. When the Special Function menu appears Press the # 6 on your number pad to select Order Supplies.

3. Order Supplies menu will appear.

4. Enter number that corresponds with supplies needed.

Supplies 2 5. Once a selection has been made an * (astric) will show next to the items selected.

6. Press the Yellow SEND Key to process your order. Send Key

7. A Order receipt will print when transaction has been processed.

Please keep your printed Order Confirmation until supplies are delivered.

supplies 3

Although your Gtech Rep will stock supplies during normal maintenance calls, it is your responsibility to check your supplies periodically and order when low. If supplies Do Not arrive within 48 hours please call the Gtech Hotline at 1-800-599-5686 to confirm order.