Bardstown Postal Workers Claim Winning Powerball Ticket Worth $50,000!

A group of employees from the Bardstown Post Office showed up at lottery headquarters earlier today wearing pink t-shirts in memory of a friend and co-worker who passed away in May. While they were excited to be claiming a winning Powerball ticket, they were also sad that Debbie Jones wasn’t here to share in the win.   

Their ticket matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball number from the November 9, 2016 drawing to win $50,000.  This is the game’s third prize. 

Rosie White of Bardstown is charged with buying the lottery tickets for the 26 employees of the group for each Powerball drawing.  It was Wednesday night after the drawing that she checked the group’s tickets.  Rosie said she’ll usually looks first to see if their Powerball number matches and then will check the rest of the numbers.  “I saw the Powerball number (2) on one of our tickets and then noticed that the first number matched, then the second, the third, and then the fourth number,” Rosie told lottery officials. 

Even though it was late, Rosie called a few members of the group to tell them the great news.  It wasn’t until the next day everyone else had heard the news. 

Rosie said that she especially enjoyed contacting the people who are retired but still putting money in for tickets.  “The things that many of them told me they were going to use the money for made me feel good,” Rosie said. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Five Star Food Mart #1135 on New Haven Road in Bardstown. 

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