How to Play Cash Ball
Choose 2 plays for $1:
Get 2 chances to
win up to $100,000
OR 1 play for $1:
Get 1 chance to
win up to $200,000

How to Play

1.    Each playslip has 5 play areas (A-E). For each play chosen select four numbers from 1-33, in the top section ("Mark 4") and one number from 1-31, (the Kentucky Cash Ball) in the lower section ("Mark 1"). The Kentucky Cash Ball number can be the same as one of your four numbers in the "Mark 4" section.
2.    You can mark the "QP" in either or both sections to let the computer randomly select your numbers or number.
3.    Mark $0.50 or $1.00 for each play that has been selected. Total Kentucky Cash Ball plays on one ticket must be in multiples of one dollar.
4.    If you want to play the same numbers for consecutive drawings, mark the appropriate box under "NUMBER OF DRAWS" column. Your ticket will be valid for the draw dates shown on the front of your ticket.

Get a Bigger Kick Out of Your    cbWn.png  
with   kicker

Kicker is a feature you can purchase with your Cash Ball ticket which lets you get in on an extra drawing.

Get a chance to win an additional $10,000 with your $1 KICKER purchase or an additional $5,000 with your $0.50 KICKER purchase and here's how:
1.    After selecting Cash Ball, mark either $0.50 or $1.00 in the KICKER section of the Kentucky Cash Ball play slip or ask the clerk to add $0.50 or $1.00 KICKER during your quick pick purchase at the terminal.
2.    Unlike Cash Ball, Kicker does not have to be purchased in multiples of $1.00.
3.    The computer will randomly select five (5) numbers which will appear at the bottom of each Cash Ball ticket.
4.    Each of the first four numbers is from a separate set of 0 to 9 and the fifth number is from a set of 0 to 4.
5.    The KICKER numbers automatically print on your ticket with 'Yes' if KICKER is selected and 'No' if it is not selected.
6.    The KICKER is QP only, even with the Play It Again feature.
7.    The KICKER will be good for the number of Kentucky Cash Ball draws selected.
8.    Total ticket cost is the total amount wagered multiplied by the "NUMBER OF DRAWS" selected.
9.    Review your playslip carefully before giving it to your retailer. Mark your selections using pencil or black/blue ink only. If you make an error, DO NOT ERASE. Mark the VOID box for that play area and start again in the next.

How to Win
White BallsCASH BALL$1 Wager Prize50¢ Wager PrizeOdds per Play
Match 4 of 4 CASH BALL $200,000 $100,000 1:1,268,520
Match 4 of 4 NO MATCH $2,000 $1,000 1:42,284
Match 3 of 4 CASH BALL $300 $150 1:10,936
Match 3 of 4 NO MATCH $50 $25 1:365
Match 2 of 4 CASH BALL $26 $13 1:521
Match 2 of 4 NO MATCH $1 $0.50 1:17
Match 1 of 4 CASH BALL $2 $1 1:87
Match 0 of 4 CASH BALL $2 $1 1:53
Overall Odds: 1:10.8
Odds have been rounded to nearest whole number.

You do not have to win on Cash Ball to win on Kicker!
Match 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 numbers drawn IN EXACT ORDER from LEFT TO RIGHT to win.
All 5 Numbers in Exact Order * $10,000 $5,000
First 4 Numbers in Exact Order $500 $250
First 3 Numbers in Exact Order $50 $25
First 2 Numbers in Exact Order $10 $5
First Number $2 $1
*Maximum top prize liability for matching all 5 Kicker numbers in exact order from left to right is $100,000 for each drawing. Overall odds of Kicker cash prize = 1:10. Overall odds of Kicker top prize are about 1 in 50,000.

How to find out if you won
Winning numbers are published in your local newspaper, broadcast on local radio and TV stations, posted in your Kentucky Lottery retailers, and on our website at or call our 24-hour Winning Numbers Line: 1-502-583-2000. (A long distance telephone charge may apply)  Cash Ball drawings are conducted Monday-Saturday at approximately 11 p.m. (ET)/10 p.m. (CT).  Click here to to see Internet-streamed Cash Ball drawings.

Claiming Your Kentucky Cash Ball and/or Kicker Prize
To claim a prize, sign the back of your winning ticket. Prizes may be claimed the next business day after the drawing. Prizes up to $600 may be redeemed at any Kentucky Lottery Cash Ball retailer. Prizes up to $5,000 may be claimed at any authorized cashing agent or by mailing your winning ticket and a completed claim form (available at any Lottery retailer) to the Kentucky Lottery Corporation, Claims Dept. 100, Louisville, KY 40287-0001. Prizes up to $25,000 may be claimed at selected Kentucky Lottery Regional Offices, and prizes over $25,000 must be claimed at the Kentucky Lottery Headquarters at 1011 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202.
Prizes must be claimed within 180 days after drawing date. Prizes of $50 or higher that are claimed more than 90 days after drawing date must be claimed at Lottery Headquarters or Regional Office if under $25,000.

Kentucky Cash Ball and Kicker are subject to Kentucky law and rules and regulations. Complete game rules are available from the Kentucky Lottery Corporation upon request. A play slip DOES NOT constitute evidence of a winning ticket or the numbers selected; players MUST present a valid ticket in order to claim a prize. Players must be at least 18 years old to play.

Play It Again!
Play it Again logo

Now you can play your favorite numbers AGAIN! It's fast and easy!
·         Use your existing ticket to purchase a new ticket with your same favorite numbers!
·         No need to fill out or keep your playslip. Just hand the store clerk your ticket and ask to "Play it Again!"

Play It Again feature will not work on tickets more than 30 days old. 
More details available at Kentucky Lottery retailers.

Past Winners
Pete Richardson
Louisville, KY
Pick 4