Cashless Vending

Using Credit and Debit Cards at Lottery Vending Machines

Kentucky Lottery Touch Vending Machines now accept:

  • Visa, Master Card and Discover credit, debit and prepaid credit cards
  • Apple Pay*
  • Google Pay*
  • Samsung Pay*

At this time, select touch vending machines will have cashless functionality. By Spring 2021, all touch vending machines will have the capability to accept cashless payments. 

To make a purchase:

  1. Scan driver's license
  2. Touch the button in the center of the transaction bar
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen
  4. Press to confirm amount on Verifone PIN Pad
  5. Make lottery selections based on Credits on the touch screen
  6. Transaction completes when credits equal $0


*When linked to a debit card or checking account 


Retailer FAQs


Q: What is Cashless? Does that mean you can no longer use cash to buy lottery?

A: Cashless simply means we are ADDING the ability to purchase lottery tickets via Debit, Credit, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay on our touch screen self service vending machines.  Players can continue to use cash, coupons and redeems to play lottery as they do now.


Q: Why is the Kentucky Lottery doing this program?

A: The Kentucky Lottery recognizes the world is evolving into a cashless society.  Many players carry little to no cash on a regular basis.  Adding this feature to our best self service machines will not only provide players with better service options but we anticipate it will lead to an increase in sales due to more convenience for the player.


Q: When does the program start?

A: A pilot program is set to begin the week of October 26.  By December 4th, 25 locations will begin testing this feature across the state.  The Kentucky Lottery will monitor the progress of this program with a goal to begin statewide expansion to all touch screen machines in January 2021.


Q: What machines will have this feature installed?

A: All Touch Screen self service machines (Touch 28, Touch 20 and Keno Self Service) will eventually have Cashless added as a payment feature.


Q: Can I opt out of the program?

A: By carrying the newest and best machines available – all retailers agree to use all features of the machine.  This is a benefit to both the retailer and to the KLC and is not an optional program.


Q: Does this impact my sales at the counter?

A: The Kentucky Lottery does not plan to install any cashless reader devices on the counter terminal or any other self service machine not listed above.  Retailers already have the option, at their cost, to accept debit and/or credit at the counter for lottery and any other consumer good.


Q: Who is responsible for any fees associated with using Cashless on the lottery touch screen machines?

A: All fees associated with transactions on the self service lottery machines associated with cashless will be covered by the Kentucky Lottery.


Q: How do I account for Cashless sales when I reconcile?

A: Stores should reconcile Cashless Sales just as they reconcile any other type of credits on the machine (prize payments and coupons for example).  Cashless is simply another way of adding credit and is a pass through from the player to the KLC.


Q: What measures are being taken to secure these card readers from fraud and a potential skimmer being installed? 

A: To initiate any transaction, there is zipcode verification in place and the player would have to enter an exact match on the Cards zip code in order to be able to use it. In terms of prevention of Skimmers being installed - the field service teams will have a plan on seeing each of these terminals on a quarterly basis. They have a set of security inspection items they do each time and they log those checks into the Cadence/HelpSi.  Also part of the security is ensuring these machines are line of site in high visibility areas for the retailers to monitor just like they are required to do today to ensure no minors are playing.


Q: Who becomes the liable party if a skimmer is found? 

A: IGT overall being the Merchant of Record - WorldPay / Credit card companies will come to IGT since we are signing off on the Attestation of Compliance for PCI-DSS. IGT has liability insurance they believe is required for such possible incidents.


Q: Do you have best practices for security? 

A: IGT Security Standards are in line with the PCI compliance guidelines as well as recommendations from WorldPay. IGT has an initial compliance review to ensure that KY project, the products and support teams are following our existing security practices regarding Cashless devices. They have ongoing compliance activities to review required items to ensure continued compliance. IGT will create a SAQD on the annual basis for the Cashless solutions using WorldPay.  


Q: Are these EMV chip card readers or simple swipe readers?

A: The device has both but the majority of transactions will be via chip reader.