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o    The KLC launched its first raffle game called the “Million Dollar Draw”. Offering the best odds ever of winning $1 million (1 in 250,000), the game sold out its ticket run of 500,000 numbers in just eight weeks.


o    The first $2 online game, “3 Line Lotto”, was launched. Players chose their first line of numbers, with two more lines of numbers being chosen through the quick pick option. Players then won based on how many numbers they matched on each line and on the overall ticket.

o    Sales for the online game “Tic Tac Cash” ended.


o    The $10 billionth ticket was sold by the KLC.

o    The amount of prizes paid to players surpassed the $6 billion mark.


o    The KLC closed out yet another record-breaking sales year for FY ‘ 07. The year saw $744.2 million in ticket sold. Instant ticket sales reached their highest level in KLC history with $439.6 million in scratch-offs tickets sold. This was $34.7 million or 8.6% more than what was sold in FY ’07. The Commonwealth received $196.2 million in proceeds, the second-highest level in KLC history. Operating expenses dropped $2.3 million from the previous year to $38.2 million. This was 5.1% of sales, the lowest percentage of sales in KLC history. Retailers achieved a record-breaking $47.7 million paid in commissions, incentives and bonuses.


o       The drawing for the second raffle game in KLC history – the Lucky 7’s Raffle – was held on August 14 th. The two $500,000 top prizes were won by players in Florence and Louisville.


o       A group of 22 employees from a Bardstown company won a $61.5 million Powerball Jackpot. Dubbed “The Nukote 22”, the group had pitched in $1 a week for nine years in the hopes of someday hitting the jackpot.  This was the sixth highest jackpot awarded in KLC history, and the first Powerball winner in Kentucky since July 2003.

o       The KLC became the first lottery in North America to receive the World Lottery Association’s Security Control Standard certification along with ISO 27001 certification.


o       The KLC hosted World Meet ’07, a joint gathering of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) and the World Lottery Association (WLA). Nearly 1400 delegates from 70 different countries attended the event, which carried a$1.5 million economic impact for the region.


o       A Shepherdsville man who wished to remain anonymous won a #33.6 million Powerball jackpot. The ticket was sold at the 44 Quick Stop in Shepherdsville, and was the second Kentucky Lottery winner of the game’s top prize in 11 weeks (after a four year drought).