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o     The price of a Powerball ticket increases to $2. The main reason behind the increase was to try to get larger jackpots that players like faster. With the increase came several enhancements - jackpots starting at $40 million, the overall odds of winning any prize became easier, and there was a guaranteed second prize of $1 million cash.

o     Just days after this change, the first guaranteed $1 million second prize ticket for Powerball was sold in Taylor Mill.


o     The online game 5 Card Cash was launched. This $2 draw game was the first to use symbols instead of numbers, and contained both an instant win and nightly draw win feature.

o     The online game 3 Line Lotto was discontinued, and 100 players who entered a second-chance drawing split the final $445,000 jackpot.

o     The largest jackpot in world history - $656 million – was up for grabs in the Mega Millions game. The drawing’s cash option also set a world record - $474 million. The jackpot was won by three players across the U.S.


o     The first winning Decades of Dollars ticket was sold in Kentucky at a Kroger store in Madisonville. The multi-state game had been on sale in Kentucky since February 2011.


o     Record-breaking sales and dividends of $823.5 million and $216.4 million are announced. The sales record shattered the previous amount by $51.2 million.


o     Kentucky Lottery drawings air on broadcast television for the last time on broadcast TV on September 15. The drawings are moved to KLC headquarters into a new facility where the show is streamed via the Internet. The move saves nearly a half million dollars a year.


o     Powerball breaks a record with a $550 million jackpot including a $360.2 million cash option. At the time, it is the second-largest jackpot ever offered in history.