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o     Florida joins the Powerball game, and as a result the matrix is changed to 4 of 59 and 1 of 39. The Power Play option is also adjusted so that players who chose the option and match the four white balls but not the Powerball win a guaranteed $1 million.


o     Rose Fortney of Louisville wins the first Ultimate Second Chance drawing on St. Patrick’s Day. By sending in her non-winning “Money Maker” scratch-off ticket, she won the top $125,000 prize.


o     The KLC marks its 20 th anniversary. Over the course of the two decades, the lottery sold more than $11.3 billion in tickets, paid $6.8 billion in prizes, and returned nearly $3 billion in profits to the Commonwealth. These proceeds went to fund college scholarships, education, adult and early childhood literacy programs, affordable housing and even bonuses for Vietnam veterans.


o     The $200,000 prize from a Powerball ticket sold at Oldtown Shell in Covington goes unclaimed.

o     Jack’s BP in Richmond sells its third top prize Win For Life ticket. There have been only seven winners of the game’s top prize in Kentucky.


o     The KLC wraps up yet another record-breaking fiscal year. Sales totaled $810.5 million     (including $45.5 million in free tickets), surpassing FY08’s record-breaking level by $32.3 million, or 4.2%. It also marks the fourth consecutive year of record-breaking sales. This sales improvement placed the KLC in the top five lotteries for sales improvement in FY09. The Commonwealth received record-breaking dividend transfers of $204.4 million during the year. The increased sales led to a record $50.2 million paid to retailers in commissions and incentives, up .2% over FY08’s $50.10 million. This was accomplished while operating expenses in terms of real dollars and as a percentage of sales decreased for the third consecutive year.


o     The Kentucky Historical Society obtains the drawing machine used to perform the KLC’s first drawing. The Beitel Criterion machine was used for Lotto Kentucky and Cash 5 drawings from 1989 through 1993, and during that time more than $350 million in prizes were awarded through drawings using the device.