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o        On January 8, for the second time within a month, a group of Louisville sanitation workers win a big LOTTO KENTUCKY jackpot. The group of 11 split a $2.3 million jackpot.
o        On January 10, the Kentucky Lottery launches its first annuity instant ticket, PAYDAY. Grand prize winners get $1,000 a week for a year—a $52,000 top prize.
o        On January 18, the Kentucky Lottery Corporation purchases property on West Main Street in Louisville that will be used for the relocation of its Headquarters, Data Processing Center, Warehouse and Jefferson County Regional Office.  Renovations are to begin in the fall and a move is projected for fall 1997.
o       Kent Miller of Madison, Tenn. wins Powerball's $89.3 million jackpot on January 26.
o       The KLC and its president and CEO, Arch Gleason, are named "Marketer of the Year" by the Louisville Chapter of the American Marketing Association.
o        The KLC is at the cutting-edge of technology when it introduces a computerized pull-tab validation system. The Kentucky Lottery is the first lottery in history to utilize this type of gaming technology.
o        Arch Gleason is elected president of the board of directors of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) on June 13. MUSL is the organization that operates the Powerball game.
o       On June 26, for the second year in a row, the Kentucky Lottery is awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada.
o       The KLC ends another record fiscal year on June 30. Dividends to the Commonwealth total $147 million, $15 million more than the state projected. The KLC also achieved record sales—over $542 million.
o        State Treasurer John Kennedy Hamilton becomes a voting member of the KLC board of directors as approved in legislation by the General Assembly.
o        On July 17, in just over seven years, the KLC reaches the phenomenal $3 billion mark in total sales.
o        On July 29, the KLC introduces its first $1 pull-tab. PAYLINE has a top prize payout of $200 and is widely successful.
o        On August 6, the Kentucky Lottery's $2 instant game, BINGO, tops $150 million in sales, the best-selling instant game in KLC history.
o        On August 23, the Lottery's board of directors approves $22,000 in funding for the Kentucky Council on Compulsive Gambling (KCCG). The money will assist the KCCG's efforts in public education, certification of health care professionals to treat the disorder, and assistance in designing a compulsive gambling awareness program for the Kentucky Lottery.
o        Renovations begin on the KLC’s new headquarters, data processing center and warehouse in downtown Louisville.
o        On October 23, the KLC sells its fourth POWERBALL jackpot winner within 10 months.  Robert Mayton and Gwen Howard of Calhoun, Kentucky claim half of the $56.6 million jackpot.  A second winning ticket is sold in Indiana.  Mayton and Howard are the fifth POWERBALL jackpot winners to buy their lucky ticket in Kentucky.
o       The KLC introduces “SURPRISE PACKAGE,” its first $3 instant ticket.  The holiday theme game has a top prize of $150,000—the largest in KLC history.