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March 17
o       The PICK, a daily numbers game featuring a televised drawing, is launched. The fifth on-line game for the KLC has an 8/56 matrix and features six ways to play and 12 ways to win. Players choose their own level of liability. Prizes range from $2 to $200,000.  Nightly drawings are broadcast at 10:58 p.m. EST.
o       The state auditor of public accounts releases an audit of the KLC.  It cites conflicts of interest by some board members and employees, questionable procurements and financial practices and abuse of expense accounts. 
o       Governor Brereton C. Jones asks for the resignations of the entire board of directors.  Four senior staff members, including President Potter, are asked to resign.
o       Governor Jones appoints a new board of directors chaired by Patrick Cvengros of Paducah. The board immediately sets a policy that the KLC will pay dividends to the Commonwealth on a monthly basis.  The auditor of public accounts has been critical of the previous board and administration for failing to make payments on a regular and timely basis.
o       Arthur (Arch) L. Gleason, Jr., is appointed president and CEO. Gleason comes to the KLC from the West Virginia Lottery, where he served as director on two different occasions.  Gleason quickly reins in spending and trims the budget in order to allow the KLC to return more money to the Commonwealth. Efforts to increase profits and dividends were aided by reducing the percentage of prize payouts from 80 to 60 percent on the flagship game LOTTO KENTUCKY.