Why do I need a dedicated electrical outlet for my Lottery terminal?

A dedicated electrical outlet is required for your lottery terminal and is essential to ensuring that your equipment stays in top working condition. Below is an example of some of the problems that can occur when you do not have dedicated electric:

- Communication Issues
- Noise on the line
- Unable to communicate
- Blown CSU/DSU
- Printers mis-printing or not cutting, causing paper jams
- Blown power supplies
- BOMR mis-reads (play slip reader)
- Blown LCD displays

This is the time of year when some stores may be adding additional equipment and the need to use this outlet may be great.  Dedicated electric is required for your lottery equipment and use of this outlet can and will cause problems with lottery equipment. When Gtech is called to a store for a terminal problem, and there is not dedicated electric they will fix the problem, but will not come back for additional problems until the terminal has dedicated electric.

Dedicated electric is very important to the overall wellness of not only your terminal, but the entire network of terminals! Help keep your terminal in good working condition by having dedicated electric.