What does 'Check My Account' mean?

Our retailer internet site is a real time system that updates your account information continuously throughout the day.

As you cash tickets, buy tickets and sell tickets the transactions are posted to your account automatically!

Not sure what makes up a particular amount on your weekly bill? With access to our internet site, you are a click away from the details which make up each line item.

Now, let's take a look at some of the features!

account detail
The account detail screen includes the following tabs;

Total Account Payoff  - Total to pay off account
Billing Invoice - Current Invoice
Billing History - Past billing invoice
Unbilled Activity  - Activity on your account you have not yet paid for
Unbilled Payments - Payments not yet posted to your account

On many screens the ability to download the information exists.


Retailer Information

The retailer information screen includes tabs that contain information about your retail location.


Billing Terms
Terminal and Bridges

If this looks like something that could benefit you, simply click on 'View Account'  and follow the instructions for printing an application. It's simple and the information you gain from access can help you better manage your lottery account!