Protect Yourself


Know the Rules

Important tips to keep your lottery play safe and secure.

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase or redeem tickets, and you must be able to present valid government issued photo identification for any prize over $600.

Game Information
How-to-Play information can be found on your ticket, at any Kentucky Lottery retailer location, or here on our website.

The odds of winning a prize is printed on all scratch-off tickets and can also be found on point of sale materials, and on our website.

Buying Tickets
Buy your tickets in person only from authorized Kentucky Lottery retailers or at 

Ticket Expiration
Scratch-off tickets cannot be redeemed after 180 days from the official game end date.
Terminal generated tickets cannot be redeemed after 180 days from the date of drawing for the game played.
Always check your purchases. Always sign your name to the back of your ticket(s). This will help protect your claim in the event you win.


Know what you have won before you give your ticket to a retailer.  
Utilize the ticket checker found at most retail locations.  If you doubt the retailer, ask to see the validation receipt.  If a problem persists, ask for your ticket back and contact the Kentucky Lottery Division of Security immediately.

Never allow a retailer to charge you a fee, commission, or tax for cashing your ticket(s).  
If this occurs, contact the Kentucky Lottery Division of Security immediately.


If you play a multi-draw ticket and win before the final draw, make sure you obtain an exchange ticket from the retailer when you cash your ticket.   Also, make sure the ticket you receive is accurate. DO THIS IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT. The ticket should have the word EXCHANGE at the top.

If you purchase a scratch-off ticket, check it and make sure the play area coating has not been previously scratched.  If the ticket appears to have been tampered with, contact the Kentucky Lottery Division of Security immediately.

You may ask a retailer for the non-winning validation receipt.  It’s yours to keep.

Did you win?
Learn how to claim a prize.


If you know of, or suspect, any impropriety involving anyone associated with the Kentucky Lottery Corporation, please contact us by phone at (502)560-1813 or e-mail at You may remain anonymous.

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