How to Creatively Gift Lottery Tickets for the Holidays!


Gift Tag


Make seeing their name even more exciting by adding a chance to win cash!

Step 1: Choose the Holiday Scratch-off that goes best with your wrapping.

Step 2: Add the names on the To and From line.

Step 3: Adhere to the gift with ribbon, string, or tape.

Voila! The most valuable gift wrap of the season.   


'Steal the Scratch' Game! 


Add this easy and festive game to your holiday activities featuring our Scratch-offs. Players bring $20 in Scratch-offs, sit in a circle and roll the dice. Then follow the instructions that match that number. Keep rolling until everyone has 5 chances, then keep what you have. Let the good times roll!



Drink Up The Excitement


Can’t figure out what to get your boss? Mother-in-law? Kid’s teacher (let’s face it—they definitely deserve something special this year!)? Serve them this cute cup of cheer with a side of cash

Step 1: Choose a cute mug, wine glass or travel thermos.

Step 2: Add a Kentucky Lottery Scratch-off that’s sure to please.

Step 3: (optional) Add a candy cane, packet of hot cocoa, coffee pod or airplane bottle of their favorite beverage.

Having guests in town? Make Christmas morning extra special with these mug gifts and a hot pot of coffee brewing when they wake up.


Scratch Wrap


To make any Scratch-off extra special, wrap them in our custom Scratch-wraps! Available in a variety of patterns, they'll definitely amp up the WOW factor for any game. Print yours today!


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