Messages For Retailers

Ticket Number VS Tickets Remaining Number

What's the difference?

In 2008 we added a ‘Ticket remaining’ number on the back of our scratch off tickets (the number in parenthesis) as an enhancement to help retailers identify at a glance how many tickets remain in a pack that is currently being sold. This number was not meant to replace the actual ticket number but only a tool for you our retailers.

For some time now we have been experiencing issues with these numbers being mistaken as the actual ticket number for everything from returns to reporting lost/stolen tickets.

For balancing purposes, the actual ticket number must be used to be able to correctly identify the tickets sold for the day.  Reporting the incorrect ticket number in a person being detained or even arrested for cashing a ticket they actually bought from your store! 

Please ensure that all your clerks can identify the actual ticket number and know that when reporting a theft or requesting help with a ticket that the ticket number is NOT in parenthesis ( ).

Play Again using P3 and P4 tickets changed slightly with the changes the lottery made to it's system on July 10th, 2011. Tickets produced by either selecting 'Next Draw' or defaulting to 'Next Draw' no longer produce a ticket that matches the ticket being presented for Play Again.

Next Draw Tickets and Play Again
Next draw tickets or those that were produced using the default of 'Next Draw' will now cause a screen to appear prompting clerk to select desired draw. Ask player which draw is desired or simply look at ticket and select draw that matches what is printed on ticket then press send. While this may seem like an extra step it may save your clerks time in canceling tickets for the incorrect draw.


Sales Tip of the Month

Keno , available statewide!


Starting August 31st, Keno will be available statewide at participating retail locations! Your sales rep will be around with training material, brochures and POS to let your players know that they can now use their keno play slips at your location to play keno!


This will be unlike other Keno locations in that we will not be putting up monitors for Keno draw viewing.


But this is a great way for you to get in on a little of the action!

Winning Numbers



21 – 39 – 40 – 55 – 59 – 17

Power Play: 3

Current Jackpot: $40 Million

Cash Option: $25.4 Million

Next Drawing: 10/03/2015



4 – 14 – 29 – 31 – 47 – 9

Megaplier: 2

Current Jackpot: $55 Million

Cash Option: $35.2 Million

Next Drawing: 10/06/2015




4 – 24 – 33 – 41 – 46 – 4

Next Drawing: 10/05/2015

Saturday Midday


4 – 6 – 4 

Payout: $66,090

Winners: 365

Saturday Evening


0 –1 –1

Payout: $220,460

Winners: 1,507

Saturday Midday


6 – 4 – 9 – 1

Payout: $18,300

Winners: 158

Saturday Evening


2 – 9 – 0 – 4

Payout: $13,900

Winners: 89



2 – 11 – 16 – 31 – 20 

8 – 6 – 7 – 2 – 3 



2S QC KC 9C 8D