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New Fast Play Games! 

New Fast Play Games, Bluegrass Jackpot family is coming Monday, October 19. See the Quick Reference Guide here. 


We Love Our Retailers! Let's All Stay Safe! 

We are committed to protecting our retailers, customers, and employees. See Kentucky Lottery Sales Representative Requirements for in-store visits. These requirements in addition to the Governor's Healthy at Work retail requirements must be followed before a sales representative can visit your store. 

Click Here for additional information on the Governor's Healthy at Work guidance. 

Click here to learn how to properly disinfect and clean your KY Lottery equipment. Please print this flier and post on vending machines to promote safe social distancing. 


Issues with Vending 

If you experience any issues with your Game Touch Draw or Gemini Vending Machine, please contact IGT at 1-800-599-5686.


Read the latest issue of The Quarter!


Please Remember:

As you were instructed at the time of licensing and re-licensing, as well as being noted in your Kentucky Lottery Retailer Manual, it is illegal to sell lottery tickets to or cash lottery tickets for anyone under the age of 18. The Kentucky Lottery has a stringent "Three Strikes and You’re Out" policy for retailers found to be in violation. First offense results in a seven day suspension of license to sell Kentucky Lottery tickets. A second offense, within 12 months, results in a 28 day suspension of license to sell. A third offense, within 12 months, results in revocation of license.