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New Scratch-offs Launched March 28

See Planograms here.

New Fast Play Games

For more information on Fast Play games launching through May, check out this Quick Reference Guide here.

Retailer Incentive Plan

Be sure you are staying up to date on Planograms and keeping out-of-stocks low. Stay up to date and get more information here.

Coupon Redemption

For information on how to redeem coupons at retailers click here.

For player coupon redemption, click here.

Training Videos

Need help with vending machines or ticket taping? Check out our instructional training videos here.

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Please Remember:

As you were instructed at the time of licensing and re-licensing, as well as being noted in your Kentucky Lottery Retailer Manual, it is illegal to sell lottery tickets to or cash lottery tickets for anyone under the age of 18. All complaints about a retailer selling to minors will be vigorously investigated by the Kentucky Lottery Security Department, and if found to have violated this statute, the retailer will face disciplinary action up to license termination.