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Retailer Survey:

The Kentucky Lottery will be conducting a Telephone Survey from March 12 - March 26. Please be aware that your business will be receiving a phone call from a third party research firm (Ipsos) from a 313 area code during this time period. The caller will clearly identify his or herself as a representative of Ipsos.

This is an official authorized survey from the Kentucky Lottery and your feedback is very important to us. All responses will remain anonymous, and the answers you provide will help us continue to present you and your customers with the very best products and services possible. If you have any questions about this phone survey, feel free to contact your local lottery representative.

Newest Games:

March is a BIG month! Not only do we have our first ever $30 ticket, Break Fort Knox, we also have a brand new draw game, Quick Bucks and it's only available here in Kentucky!

To learn more about the new Quick Bucks game, ask your sales reps for training materials.


Read the latest issue of The Quarter!


Please Remember:

As you were instructed at the time of licensing and re-licensing, as well as being noted in your Kentucky Lottery Retailer Manual, it is illegal to sell lottery tickets to or cash lottery tickets for anyone under the age of 18. The Kentucky Lottery has a stringent "Three Strikes and You’re Out" policy for retailers found to be in violation. First offense results in a seven day suspension of license to sell Kentucky Lottery tickets. A second offense, within 12 months, results in a 28 day suspension of license to sell. A third offense, within 12 months, results in revocation of license.