Messages For Retailers

Important Numbers
For Ticket Orders or questions related to our order call 1-833-306-5124  (Sci Games)
To report equipment issues call 1-800-599-5686 (IGT)
Retailer Hotline 1-800-937-8946



Sales Tip of the Month

Coupon Update


As the world becomes more and more tech savvy so must the KLC! As a company we are doing very few printed coupons and more emailed (internet coupons) to our fun club members. This means that you will have players handing you their phone so that you can scan the coupon.


Be ready for this type of consumer as they are more apt to have a coupon or rewards number on their phone than a physical print out. With either method, redeeming the coupon is the same;


  • Read coupon to determine offer.
  • Make sure specified tickets are purchased before scanning coupon.
  • Coupon can be redeemed by either:
    • Scanning the physical/phone coupon   OR
    • Pressing the Coupon key

Note: When the Coupon key is pressed, the coupon can be either

scanned or manually entered.


A ‘Credit Issued’ slip will automatically print and should be stapled to the coupon and saved for daily balancing.

  • Give player the specified offer, credit will show on the coupon line of your Daily Reports.


Talk to your staff to ensure they know how to redeem a coupon and that a virtual coupon, if scanned or entered properly can be redeemed through the terminal.



Winning Numbers