Prize Claim Form - tickets from retail
Download PDF Claim Form

Claim form is not required for prizes less than $600.

To claim a winning prize over $600:

  1. Download the printable PDF claim form.
  2. Print out the PDF claim form and complete it.
  3. Sign your winning ticket and fill out the information on the back.
  4. Send the completed form and your winning ticket, along with a copy of a current photo ID and social security card (or something with your social security number on it) to the following address:

    Kentucky Lottery Corporation
    Claims - Dept. 100
    Louisville, KY 40287-0001

  5. Be sure to keep a copy of the claim form and a copy of the ticket for your records.

To claim winning prizes over $600 for tickets purchased online, visit your Fun Club Rewards account and view the Claims History under the My Transactions section.

Past Winners
Sold at Tobacco Hut Drive Thru
Barbourville, KY
5 Card Cash