About Us

Corporate Headquarters

1011 West Main Street 

Louisville, KY 40202


Our mission at the Kentucky Lottery is clear – we fuel imagination and fund education for ALL Kentuckians. This is done through lottery proceeds funding college scholarship and grant programs with over $4.4 Billion in funding since 1999, including every dime ever awarded in the popular KEES Scholarship program. In order to do this, our plan is based on a structure which represents our operation. 

Kentucky Lottery Strategic Pillars


The most important part of our structure is the top - Proceeds, represented by the scholarship and grant programs we fund. Supporting this top structure are four columns which represent our core elements:

  • Partners – retailers and vendors 
  • People – employees 
  • Principles – integrity
  • Products – games and delivery channels

All of these elements are then supported by the foundation of our organization, Performance (operational excellence). 

 Core Values