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The money you spend on each and every Kentucky Lottery game you play goes many different places, including to the funding of Kentucky college scholarships. Here's a breakdown of how the money is distributed for each and every dollar we receive...


A majority of every ticket sale - a whopping 64% - goes directly back to players like you in the form of cash prizes, incentives and rewards.


The second largest portion of our proceeds - 25% - goes to the Commonwealth of Kentucky to provide funding for college scholarship and grant programs.


A portion of the proceeds - 6% - go to the retailers who offer our games, from large chain store accounts to mom & pop local businesses (like convenience stores, restaurants and bars) in your area.


Somebody's gotta make sure there are games to play and that the winners get their prizes, and that somebody would be us. To keep the wheels turning and the balls bouncing requires 5% in administrative costs.

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