The money you spend on each and every Kentucky Lottery game you play goes many different places, including to the funding of Kentucky college scholarships. Here's a breakdown of how the money is distributed for each and every dollar we receive...

of every dollar

A majority of every ticket sale - a whopping 63% - goes directly back to players like you in the form of cash prizes, incentives and rewards.

This number in FY17 was 64%

of every dollar

Somebody's gotta make sure there are games to play and that the winners get their prizes, and that somebody would be us. To keep the wheels turning and the balls bouncing requires 5% in administrative costs.

This number in FY17 was 5%

of every dollar

A portion of the proceeds - 6% - go to the retailers who offer our games, many of which are mom & pop local businesses - restaurants, bars, convenience stores and others.

This number in FY17 was 6%

of every dollar

The second largest portion of our proceeds - 26% - goes to the Commonwealth of Kentucky to invest directly back into the state.

This number in FY17 was 25%
That 26¢ translates into nearly
since we opened our doors in 1989!
Almost $1.8 Billion
went towards the state's general fund and to the SEEK educational program, which funds K-12 education.
$3.3 Billion
went to grant and scholarship programs to help defray Kentuckians' college educational costs.

This is what
means to Kentucky education
1 out of 5

Kentucky citizens have received grant and scholarship money
from our educational assistance funding


Kentucky college student recipients
of our educational assistance funding

2 million

Grants and scholarships awarded
from our educational assistance funding

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships (KEES)

Program funding comes from the Kentucky Lottery Corporation. KEES is a scholarship program for Kentucky Students attending state colleges

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA)

Student aid funding comes from the kentucky lottery coproration. KHEAA provides Kentucky student much-needed grants and scholarships


The Kentucky Lottery funds a variety of educational programs across the state. Each with the purpose of helping students achieve their dream and enriching their lives.

Kentucky Education Excellence Scholarship (KEES)

For each year that Kentucky high school students earn a 2.5 or better GPA, they earn scholarship money for college. The better they do in high school, the more they earn.

Dual Credit Scholarship Program

Kentucky high school and home school students who are taking dual credit classes at a participating Kentucky college or university can now receive assistance. Eligible students may receive scholarships for up to two classes.

College Access Program (CAP)

These grants help Kentucky's financially needy undergraduate students attend eligible public and private colleges and universities, proprietary schools and technical colleges.

Kentucky Tuition Grant

These grants provide need-based aid to help Kentucky residents attend eligible Kentucky private colleges.

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship

Recipients receive scholarships to pay tuition for short-term, career-related certificates in fields where good paying jobs are available.