Problems Logging In?

If you have problems logging into the Fun Club, check the following:

Be sure you are using a supported browser version:

  • Chrome version 77 and above
  • Safari 12 and above
  • Edge 42 and above
  • Firefox 69 and above

Passwords are case sensitive. Be sure to enter them exactly how you registered them. In other words, LOTTERY and lottery would be two different passwords.

Check your browser's settings to make sure that you have cookies enabled. The Fun Club will not work correctly without having cookies active.

If you have checked the items above and are still having problems, please Contact Us.

If you have forgotten your Fun Club password, select one of the options below.

Please select an option to reset my password

Please enter your registered email address, then click on "Confirm".
An email will be sent to your email address from either or and will include a link for a password reset.
Prior to submitting your request for password reset be sure and is in your address book. This will ensure the email with the password reset link is sent directly to your inbox without delay.
The password reset link in the email is only valid for 12 hours after your request has been submitted.




Please enter the email address of your account and you will be prompted for a security question.



If you are a new member and have not received the new member activation email, input your registered email address and click Resend below. A Fun Club new member activation email will be resent to your email address.

Still need help?