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Gold Rush

Louisville, KY
March 9, 2020

As Jennifer’s husband Chris was walking out the door to go cash in a few winning scratch-off tickets, Jennifer said, “But don’t buy anymore Gold Rush tickets because I hadn’t been winning.  Chris didn’t listen to her and bought two $30 Gold Rush tickets anyway.  

Jennifer scratched the tickets off while Chris ran out to pick up dinner.  “The first one wasn’t a winner.  I started scratching the second one and the little coin came up.  I saw a one and a zero and thought it was $10 but kept scratching and more zeroes popped up and I won $100,000,” Jennifer told lottery officials. 

“I called my husband right away and told him, ‘You gotta come home, there’s an emergency.’”  Chris didn’t ask any questions and was home within minutes. 

“He came running in the door and I said, ‘What do you see about this ticket?’  He couldn’t figure it out, he wasn’t looking for the coin, he was looking more for a number,” Jennifer said.  He looked and I said, look at that with the zeroes. 

Jennifer said she grabbed him and hugged him and they started screaming that they had won.  It was unbelievable,” she said. 

“To all of the husbands who don’t listen to their wives, this is a good example of sometimes it’s best not too.  It pays sometimes not to listen,” Chris said joking. 




Have You Heard?

Office Closings

Winning tickets over $5000 are being paid at the Louisville Lottery headquarters by appointment only. To sign up for a time slot, call 800-937-8946 during regular business hours and select option 3. The Lexington regional office is closed. Click here to find retailers who can cash tickets up to $5000 in your area. 


$10,000 Mega Millions Winner!

Ticket was purchased at Kroger L-757 in Somerset, KY

$10,000 Gold Rush Scratch-off Winner!

Ticket was purchased at Speedway #8129 in Nicholasville, KY