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7th Winning Stretch
7th Winning Stretch

WIN UP TO $100,000

Magnificent Multiplier
Magnificent Multiplier

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Shocking 6's

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Thoroughbred Bucks

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Featured Winner

Jason Dunn
500X Scratch-off

Jason Dunn
Vine Grove, KY
May 26, 2023

While running a late-night errand for his wife, a Vine Grove man decided to purchase a Kentucky Lottery Scratch-off ticket and won $50,000.

Jason Dunn said his wife was feeling down and craving chocolate late one night. He went to Flaherty’s Service Station in Vine Grove to buy chocolate and while there, decided to buy the 500X Scratch-off ticket.

“I only buy tickets every now and then when I have extra money,” Dunn said. 

“This was my first time buying the $50 ticket.”

Dunn said he got in the car and scratched the first number of the ticket and it revealed that he had won $5,000.

“I called my wife and said, ‘we won some money, I don’t know how much yet.’” He said his wife didn’t believe him, so Dunn went home so he could finish scratching the ticket with his wife.

As the ticket started to reveal more prizes, Dunn knew he’d won a large amount. “My wife got out the calculator and started adding everything up.”

The winning ticket revealed wins in all 35 spots totaling the game’s $50,000 prize.

Dunn said he put the ticket on his dresser. “I wanted to make sure my kids couldn’t spill anything on it” he joked.

Dunn drove to Kentucky Lottery headquarters last Friday, taking home a check for $35,750 after taxes.

The couple’s oldest son just graduated from high school and is in the process of moving out.

When asked what his plans were with his winnings, Dunn told Lottery officials that he would like to buy his son a car and help him with the expenses of moving out. He plans to put the rest in a savings account.

Dunn took home a check for $35,750 after taxes.

Flaherty’s Service Center on Flaherty Road in Vine Grove will receive $500 for selling the winning ticket


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