Cashless Vending

Using Credit and Debit Cards at Lottery Vending Machines

Kentucky Lottery Touch Vending Machines now accept:

  • Visa, Master Card and Discover credit, debit and prepaid credit cards
  • Apple Pay*
  • Google Pay*
  • Samsung Pay*

To make a purchase:

  1. Touch the button in the center of the transaction bar
  2. Follow the prompts on the screen
  3. Press to confirm amount on Verifone PIN Pad
  4. Make lottery selections based on Credits on the touch screen
  5. Transaction completes when credits equal $0


*When linked to a debit card or checking account 




Q: What is Cashless? Does that mean you can no longer use cash to buy lottery?

A: Cashless simply means we are ADDING the ability to purchase lottery tickets via Debit, Credit, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay on our touch screen self service vending machines. Players can continue to use cash, coupons and redeems to play lottery as they do now.


Q: Why is the Kentucky Lottery doing this program?

A: The Kentucky Lottery recognizes the world is evolving into a cashless society. Many players carry little to no cash on a regular basis. Adding this feature to our best self service machines will not only provide players with better service options but we anticipate it will lead to an increase in sales due to more convenience for the player.


Q: What methods of payment are accepted?

A: Cash; Visa, Master Card and Discover credit, debit and prepaid credit cards; Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay when linked to a debit card or checking account.


Q: What machines will have this feature installed?

A: All Touch Screen self service machines will have Cashless added as a payment feature.


Q: What are the minimum and maximum cashless amounts I can put on a vending machine?

A: The minimum credit is $1.00. The maximum credit that can be added to a vending machine is $150.00 per session.


Q: Can I cancel my cashless transaction?

A: No. Once your electronic payment is accepted, your transaction cannot be cancelled.


Q: Can I pay with both cash and cashless payments in one session?

A: No. Once a cashless transaction session has been initialed on a vending machine, the ability to input cash, perform a ticket inquiry or validation, perform coupon validation or add additional cashless credit is not allowed. 


Q: How long do I have to make my purchase?

A: If you do not use all cashless credits within the specified time (around 1 minute), the session will end and credits will be zeroed out. A session timing message will be displayed on the vending machine.


Q: Am I responsible for any fees associated with using Cashless on the lottery touch screen machines?

A: No. All fees associated with transactions on the self service lottery machines associated with cashless will be covered by the Kentucky Lottery.


Q: Will I be provided a receipt when using a cashless payment option?

A: You will be provided with the option to print a receipt at the end of the session.


Q: Are these EMV chip card readers or simple swipe readers?

A: The device has both but the majority of transactions will be via chip reader.


Q: Who do I contact if I am having problems using my card to make a cashless transaction?

A: Call customer service at 877-789-4532.


Q: I'm trying to make a cashless purchase and it is not going through.

A: Confirm the payment type you are trying to use is an accepted form of payment. Not all credit cards are honored and personal credit limits apply. Check with your bank or credit card company for details.


Q: Will my card information be stored on the vending machine?

A: No. The machine encrypts the card number at the time of payment.