Purchase iFunds at a participating retail store to add funds straight into your account.

In order to fund your account through iFunds:

1. Log in to your account and select "Player Card.”

2. You will need to provide the bar code on that card to the participating retailer. 

3. The terminal will display the maximum amount that you can add, based on account balance and deposit limits.

4. Retailer then enters the amount (equal to or less than the maximum allowed), and takes your payment. 

5. You will receive a receipt from the retailer and the amount will automatically be applied to your account.

Please note: iFunds are subject to your account balance and deposit limits.


iGifts are another way you can add funds into your account through a purchase at a retail store. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase an iGift.

Unlike iFunds, which put the money directly into a specified account, iGifts works like a voucher.

1. Request an iGift of an authorized amount (in whole dollars) from the retailer.

2. After the retailer is paid, the retailer will print you a voucher.

3. You may then log in to your account, and follow the steps for redeeming your voucher or iGift. 

Please note: iGifts are subject to account balance and deposit limits. If the addition of the iGift would cause you to exceed your account balance and deposit limits, the iGift cannot be added to your account.

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