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Fiscal Year 16 was yet another record-breaker for the Kentucky Lottery


Highlighted by a world-record Powerball jackpot, Fiscal Year 16 was another record-breaker for the Kentucky Lottery. We’re pleased to report sales for the fiscal year were $997.3 million. This breaks the old sales record established in FY15 of $899.1 million by $98.2 million (10.9%). Dividends to the state were $253 million, breaking last year’s record of $231.1 million by $21.9 million (9.5).

In fact, in FY16, records were broken in every measurable category.

Scratch-off ticket sales continued to be the best-selling product in the lottery’s portfolio, finishing the year with a record-breaking $597.3 million in sales. This is $36.8 million (6.6%) more than the previous year.

Draw game sales, however, were key in the record-breaking performance. This category closed the year at $399.6 million in sales, which was $60.9 million (18%) more than the previous year. This breaks the previous record of $339.5 million, which stood for 12 years. Keno showed solid performance, with sales rising to a record $65.9 million.

These record sales led to record prizes paid to players of $620.6 million, as well as record retailer commissions of $62.6 million.

The dramatic rise in draw game results could be attributed to the world record-breaking jackpot run of nearly $1.6 billion we saw in January 2016. However, while this absolutely helped us exceed the state’s estimates for the year, in reality we were on track to break our all-time sales record before this run even started thanks to the solid performance in our other game categories.

Our board of directors has approved an aggressive budget for FY17. It includes a goal for the Kentucky Lottery to reach $1 billion in sales for the first time in history. We’re focused on becoming a billion dollar lottery and are working hard to achieve this goal.
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