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Annual Report 2021


FY21 marks the tenth consecutive year – a full decade – that the sales record for Kentucky Lottery has been broken. This also marks the 24th year out of the past 32 that the Lottery has achieved record sales.

The year closed with $1,586,325,000 in sales. That’s far and away the largest sales figure in Kentucky Lottery history and is a whopping $382.9 million (31.8%) more than the previous record set in FY20.

The Lottery’s cash transfers to the Commonwealth in FY21 were $354.8 million, an increase of $76.3 million (and another record). These transfers are even more impactful now, as Lottery retailers and staff worked through the heart of the pandemic to keep our essential businesses open. Thanks to that work, more money than ever is available to help our state’s best, brightest and most deserving students attend college in Kentucky.

Scratch-off tickets once again were the largest individual game category, finishing the year at $961.7 million. This is a $220.6 million (29.8%) increase from the previous year.

The largest percentage growth category for the year was the Lottery’s internet sales. Even though the sales channel has seen steady growth over the past six years since it was launched, it’s clear that consumers discovered the platform during the pandemic and have stayed there to play. Sales via this outlet finished FY21 at $137.1 million, an increase of $92.1 million or 204.6%. Internet sales for the year constituted 9% of total Kentucky Lottery sales.

Research conducted in FY21 showed the number one reason players said they were buying tickets was for fun and entertainment. With a range of price points and game styles, and with increased awareness of our internet channel, FY21 truly showed the Kentucky Lottery has something for everyone.

Download the Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report

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