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Executives and Directors

Board of Directors

  • Mark F. Sommer, Chair
  • Allison Ball, Kentucky State Treasurer
  • Summer Goldman, Director
  • Aaron Witten, Director
  • Dr. Tom Abell, Director
  • Cammie Grant, Director
  • John Stovall, Director
  • Mark Kleiner, Director


  • Mary Harville, President & CEO
  • Margaret "Marty" Gibbs, EVP & COO
  • Howard B. Kline, EVP & CFO  
  • Chip Polston, SVP of Communications, Public Relations & Social Responsibility
  • Gary Ruskowski, SVP of Information Technology
  • Jennifer Luhrs, VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary 
  • Amy Drooker, VP of Sales
  • Edie Frakes, VP of Marketing
  • Maggie Garrison, VP & Corporate Controller
  • Rick Kelley, VP of Finance and Administration
  • T.H. Morris, VP of Systems Development
  • Ingram Quick, VP of Internal Audit
  • Pete Ramsey, VP of Corporate Accounts & Business Development
  • Michele Sullivan, VP of Human Resources
  • Greg Baird, Director of Security Operations
  • Pete Bard, Director of Operations & Facilities
  • Terry Boyer, Director of Technical Services
  • Shannon Loyd, Director of Information Security & Enterprise Risk Management (InfoSec& ERM)
  • Ram Thilakaramunujam, Director of Technology - Corporate Solutions & Quality
  • Lauren Walker, Director of Interactive Content & Customer Service
  • Steve Wandel, Director of Enterprise Technology - Retail Solutions
  • Ernest Ward, Director of Program & Portfolio Management
  • Erica Williams, Director of Terminal Generated Games
  • Darrell Wilson, Director of Purchasing
  • Rhonda Zimmerman, Director of Scratch Games