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o    The final winner in one of the two first-ever $1 million scratch-off prizes came forward. An Eastern Kentucky couple claimed the prize from the "Kentucky Millionaire" scratch-off ticket. The first prize had been claimed in June 2005. 

o    At the end of January, the KLC hit the $9 billion mark in overall sales.


o    The record $365 million Powerball jackpot was awarded to a group of Nebraska factory workers following the drawing on the 18th. The jackpot became the largest ever in U.S. history. In Kentucky, an EstillCounty coupled claimed the only Match 5 bonus pool ticket sold for the drawing in the state worth $667,142.


o    The first-ever top prize in the Win for Life game is awarded to a Kentucky player. Yvette Ward of Mt.Sterling won the guaranteed $1000 a week for life prize.


o    One of the four Powerball Match 5 Bonus Pool tickets from theOctober 19th 2005 drawing expired. The ticket, worth $653,492, was purchased at a BP station in Hebron located near several Interstates and the Cincinnati airport. The ticket holders had been given 180 days to claim their prize.

o    Sales for the February 2006 record-breaking Powerball jackpot led the KLC to its highest sales quarter in history. Sales of $197 million with net income of $52.6 million were recorded.


o    Russell Simons of Louisville was awarded $125,000 during a second chance drawing at Louisville's 4th Street Live!. He was one of 15 finalists selected in the "$125,000 Payday" scratch-off ticket promotion.


o    On the 6th of the month, with a date of 6/6/06, players quickly snapped up all 6-6-6 Pick 3 tickets and 6-6-0-6 Pick 4 tickets.


 o   The KLC shattered its all-time sales and dividend record with results for FY 2006. Sales for the year came in at $742.3 million ($17 million or 2.3% higher than the previous record), and proceeds finished the year are $204.3 million ($10.8 million or 5.6% higher than the previous record). 

o    The KLC and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) teamed up to offer a scratch-off ticket to commemorate the 2006 Breeder's Cup at Churchill Downs. The draw of a great second-chance VIP prize package promotion led the ticket to become one of the most successful scratch-offs in KLC history. Nearly the entire 960,000 ticket run had been shipped to retailers in the first three weeks of sales.


o    KLC President and CEO Arch Gleason was inducted into the PGRI Lottery Industry Hall of Fame.


o    The KLC signs a three-year online game contract extension with GTECH, which was expected to save the corporation between $7.6 million and $9.4 million through 2011.


o    Jack's BP in Richmond sold their second top prize Win For Life ticket in the span of eight weeks. The first was sold to Robert Price of Richmond on October 7th, followed by another big win by Nadine and Bob Bellamy of Richmond on December 2nd. Coincidentally, surveillance video showing Bob Bellamy buying his winning ticket also showed Robert Price standing in line behind him.