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o       The KLC is named one of the "20 Best Places to Work in Kentucky."  The designation was awarded by the Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management in conjunction with the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.
o       The midday Pick 4 drawing on the 11th produced winning numbers of 0-0-0-0, resulting in the largest payout in the game's history ($2 million).


o       Three sets of triple digits were drawn as winning Pick 3 numbers during the month.  They were 3-3-3 on the evening of the 2nd, 7-7-7 on the afternoon of the 12th, and 0-0-0 on the evening of the 25th.  The evening drawing on the 25th produced the highest Pick 3 prize payout in history when players enjoyed $3 million in prizes. Overall, more than $7.6 million in prizes were won by Pick 3 players during the month.
o       The KLC reached the milestone of $5 billion in prizes paid to players.  It took nearly five years to reach the first billion dollar in prizes paid mark, yet the gap between the 4th billion and 5th billion prize dollar paid was marked in just a little over two years.
o       “Kentucky Millionaire,” the first scratch-off ticket with a $1 million top prize was introduced.
o       The March 30th Powerball drawing produced four $100,000 winners in Kentucky and 110 winners at this level around the country.  Statistically, there should have been only four $100,000 winners across the nation. Further review showed nearly all of the tickets contained the white ball numbers 22-28-32-33-39 selected by the players and that nearly all of the players had chosen the red Powerball number 40 (the winning Powerball number for the drawing was 42).  As the winners started to come forward, they revealed their winning numbers came from a fortune cookie.  It’s estimated nearly $20 million in cash prizes were paid on the fortune cookie numbers alone.
o       A new online game "Double Up Cash", was launched on the 4th.  The game allowed players to double their non-jackpot prize by correctly choosing the results of a heads or tails coin flip, and featured a rolling jackpot.  Poor sales caused the game to be discontinued the following month.
o       Winning triple digits in the Pick 3 game were drawn twice in the course of three days.  Triple 1's were drawn on the evening of the 25th, and triple 4's were drawn on the afternoon of the 27th.  Winners picked up nearly $4 million from these two drawings.
o       William Long of Waddy became the first person to win a million dollars from a single Kentucky Lottery scratch-off ticket.  The 44-year-old construction supervisor won on the $20 dollar ticket "Kentucky Millionaire.”
o       On the 26th, Pick 3 triple digits were drawn for the eleventh time and final time in Fiscal Year 2005.  This drawing resulted in the second largest payout in KLC history (more than $2.9 million) for the game’s players.
o       The KLC closes the 2005 Fiscal Year with $707.3 million in sales, to date the second-highest sales figure in the organization's history and only the second time the $700 million mark had been broken.  The figure was $41.5 million above quota.  Records broken included player prizes ($457.7 million), scratch-off sales ($385.1 million, which was $28.1 million or 7.8% more than what was sold in FY ’04), Pick 3 sales ($130.3 million), Pick 4 sales ($35.7 million), and retailer commissions ($45.1 million).  The year also saw 20 consecutive weeks of instant ticket sales over $7 million, including ten weeks of sales over $8 million.
o       The KLC reached a historic milestone on July 1st, as 100% of Lottery proceeds began going to college grant, scholarship and literacy programs.  Since 1999, more than $637 million went to fund need-based grants and merit-based scholarships.  This provided more than 592,000 financial awards to Kentucky high school students. Prior to 1999, the number of students attending college in Kentucky had remained flat for several years.  However, since the start of the KLC-funded scholarship and grant programs, college attendance in the Commonwealth jumped 20%.
o       Carol and Paul Daniels from Danville presented a $4 million winning Lotto South ticket at KLC headquarters, but they almost didn't make it.  Paul threw the ticket away after checking the wrong set of winning numbers.  Carol saw a TV story about a winning Lotto South ticket being sold in their area and told Paul.  He was able to fish the winning ticket from the garbage, which came within hours of ending up in their local landfill.
o       The KLC launches the addiction-awareness program "Choices-There's Always a Right One.”  In conjunction with the Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling, the KLC initiated the program to help make middle-school students aware of behaviors which could lead to addictions, including gambling. 100 schools were initially targeted to receive the program.
o       The matrix for Powerball was changed on August 25. Two additional white numbered balls - 54 and 55 - were added to the mix. Several other changes were made at the same time to the game, including starting jackpots at $15 million instead of $10 million and increasing the game’s second prize to $200,000 from $100,000.
o       Figures release by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) showed the KLC funded more than 117,000 grants and scholarships worth $157 million in Fiscal Year 2005.  Both were record-breaking amounts, bringing the total of KLC-funded grants and scholarships since 1999 to 592,000 worth $637 million.
o       A then-record was set for a Powerball jackpot on the 19th of the month.  $340 million was on the line for the drawing, which was awarded to an Oregon family.  The record jackpot triggered the first-ever use of the game's Match 5 bonus pool, which was won by four groups of Kentucky players.  Each received the regular prize of $200,000 for matching the five white ball winning numbers, but also received an additional $653,492 in bonus pool prizes.