Sleepless in Paris; Late night wager nets Kentucky woman $282,454 online jackpot

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April 7, 2024

A Paris, KY woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was in bed late on April 7 playing the Kentucky Lottery online when she hit a $282,454.59 Instant Play progressive jackpot. 

“I was just lying in bed playing the lottery,” she said.  “My husband was sitting there next to me watching.”

“We kept saying, should we stop now?  We decided to push it one more time and the rest is history,” her husband said.

The couple told lottery officials they set goals on how much they spend to play and were about to call it a night when she hit the Coins Of The Titans Progressive jackpot.

The woman switched up her amount and wagered $5.  “It just hit, and the stars kept coming.”

They recalled the moment they won saying that the stars kept rolling until the jackpot amount showed up on the screen.     

“It was a good feeling,” her husband said. “You really don’t believe it.”

The Bourbon County woman said she kept waking up all night and wasn’t able to sleep well after winning. 

The couple drove to lottery headquarters that Friday and walked away with a check for $203,367.31 after taxes.

They told officials they plan to use their winnings to pay off bills and save for the future. 

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