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Featured Winner

Lewade Vincent
Amethyst 8's

Lewade Vincent
Horse Cave, KY
September 29, 2021

“Around my town you don’t hear about somebody winning the lottery.”  Now Lewade Vincent of Horse Cave, is that somebody.  He recently purchased a Kentucky Lottery Scratch-off winning the game’s $100,000 top prize. 

“Right time, right place, pure luck,” Vincent said.  He told lottery officials he doesn’t play the lottery often, maybe 10 times a year. 

A couple of weeks ago he and his fiancé Haley along with another couple drove to Cave City to pick up pizza.  While out, they stopped at the Five Star on Doyle Road in Cave City where Vincent bought five Amethyst 8’s Scratch-off tickets and drove back home. 

While they were eating, Haley decided to scratch off the tickets.  As she scratched off the first one, she noticed she’d matched the number 33.  While scratching off the prize amount, she thought it was a $50 winner.  It wasn’t until she scratched off the second ticket that she thinks she remembers seeing a comma after the $50 and goes back to look at the first ticket.  Sure enough, there were more zeroes. 

“She had a look on her face, like she’d seen a ghost,” Vincent said.

They were so exited they had to go show the tickets to his parents who live close by. 

“It just tore us up to think we’d won $50,000,” Vincent said.

Later that night, his dad was scrolling through photos on his phone when he came across a picture he had taken of the winning ticket. It was then that his dad noticed there was a second number on the ticket that matched. 

“I got a call from my dad telling me I had two matches on the ticket.  I thought he was messing with me, but it was the truth,” Vincent said. 

“Sure enough, we matched the number 22 and next to it was another fifty-thousand dollars” Vincent said. 

“We were so excited, we overlooked the other number,” he said. “It was pretty amazing.”

He told officials he was going to pay his truck off but hold off on spending the rest of the winnings. 

“I feel blessed to win and plan to use it smartly,” the Hart County man said. 


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