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The Ultimate Second Chance (USC) program is ending to make more prizes available to you.
You will notice:

  • MORE PRIZES - We're bringing back that top prize money.  No more USC means more money is available for instant winners!
  • MORE WINNERS - With more money available for instant wins, players will have a lot more winning experiences in the $25 - $200 prize levels!
  • MORE OFTEN - By spreading the USC top prize throughout the game, players will enjoy that winning experience more than ever!

Phasing Out the Program Over Time 
Between Thursday, September 29 and the end of the year, there will be a mix of games eligible for Ultimate Second Chance and games where the USC will not be available.  In January, no new games will be USC eligible.  Games that are not USC eligible will not include the USC logo on the ticket back.   

If you have already registered tickets for USC, don’t worry, they are still there! Those drawings will continue as planned.  You are able to purchase and enter USC eligible tickets as long as they are available. 

Check out the complete listing of USC and non-USC eligible games on the Scratch-offs pages.

Non-winning KLC Scratch-off tickets which are still eligible* for USC may be entered into a USC drawing.

How will I know if my ticket is eligible* for USC entry?

A ticket eligible for USC entry is any non-winning Scratch-off ticket:

  • Which displays the USC logo on the ticket back; and
  • Which is from a KLC Scratch-off game that the last date to enter USC has not passed.

The last date to enter and drawing date for each game with USC will be posted at

How do I enter?

To enter
Submit eligible tickets via the website by logging into your Fun Club account and clicking My Promotions.  You can also enter via the Official Kentucky Lottery App by logging in to your Fun Club account and going to Second Chance on the side navigation menu. Follow the directions for “Enter Tickets.”

Players do not need to retain their tickets as proof of purchase should they be selected as a winner in an Ultimate Second Chance Prize Drawing.

*For details go to Terms of Use & Rules. Restrictions apply.

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