Lexington couple’s dream to become reality after winning $125,000 on holiday scratch-off

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November 13, 2023

Early Christmas dreams come true for one Lexington couple after they won $125,000 on a holiday Scratch-off ticket. 

Amber and Tony Snead were at home Sunday when Amber scratched off the Kentucky Lottery’s 25 Days of Winning Scratch-off ticket.

Tony, who works as a chef, needed groceries, so the two set out for Kroger earlier that day.  They were on their way home when they realized they had forgotten something.  Since it was close to their house, they stopped at Crossroads IGA on Abigail Way in Lexington to pick up the missing item. 

Amber ran into the store, stopping at the vending machine on her way out.  She told lottery officials she never buys Scratch-off tickets unless they are holiday-themed. 

“We sat down to watch the Bengals game yesterday, and I started to scratch it off,” Amber said.  “It was like the third one that I scratched off.  I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’”

Amber had revealed the auto symbol indicating she won the game’s $125,000 top prize. 

“I called him [Tony] over.  We could not believe it,” Amber said.  “I mean, we still didn’t believe it until we took it down to the Shell station and they confirmed that it was a winner.”

“The lady’s eyes popped out,” Tony said, after the store clerk saw the prize amount show up on the terminal.  “She pulled us to the side and quietly told us to sign it.”

“I honestly couldn’t believe it.  The first thing, I was like, we’re getting our food truck,” Tony said. 

Tony worked as a chef for the University of Kentucky basketball team for seven years until he switched to a new job this year. 

“The dream’s always been to get the food truck,” Amber said. 

“That’s just my passion, I love elevating food, and seeing people’s reaction to food. I’m just ready for it,” Tony added. 

After receiving a check for $89,375, their dream will now become a reality.  They also said they will take a vacation and make it the trip of a lifetime. 

Crossroads IGA will receive $1,250 for selling the ticket.