Grayson, KY man does double take after winning $50,000 on Kentucky Lottery

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November 28, 2023

A Grayson, KY man had to get a second opinion after scratching off a ticket revealing a $50,000 prize on a Kentucky Lottery Scratch-off ticket.

Last month, Gary Stephens scratched the $50,000 Ca$h ticket and did a double take when he read what he had won. He had uncovered a win on every spot on the ticket, winning the game’s top prize.

“I started feeling chills running down the top of my head,” Stephens said. “It felt pretty good!”

“I had to call my twin boys for a second opinion. I just didn’t believe it,” he told lottery officials.

Stephens received a check for $35,750 after taxes.

Clark’s Pump-N-Shop in Grayson, where the winning ticket was sold, will receive $500.