Kentucky Lottery online win has Green County man seeing green

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February 18, 2024

A Green County man couldn’t believe his eyes when he won $75,000 playing a Kentucky Lottery Instant Play game.

Scott Lockard of Greensburg was playing online late one night when he wagered $10 on the Wild 8’s Instant Play game.

Earlier in the day, Lockard had played his favorite Instant Play game, Kentucky Cash Drop and won $375.   

Later that evening, while lying in bed, Lockard placed a couple more wagers on Kentucky Cash Drop before wagering $10  on Wild 8’s.  

“No way, it popped up $75,000. I just wasn’t expecting to see that so I thought it said $750. I went to show it to my girlfriend and when I turned the phone I saw more zeroes,” Lockard said.

“My heart started racing.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’ve never won anything like this.”

Lockard told officials he couldn’t sleep that night when he arrived at lottery headquarters later that morning.

After taxes, Lockard received $54,000. 

“I never imagined having this kind of money and it’s going to be a tremendous help.” 

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