Husband's Mistake Nets $50,000 for Northern Kentucky Woman

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December 1, 2023

Tanya Hammonds of Newport is $50,000 richer after her husband purchased a Kentucky Lottery Scratch-off by mistake.

Last month, Hammonds asked her husband to go to the store and pick her up some Scratch-off tickets. Instead of the games she had requested, he purchased the tickets to the right of ones that she wanted. One of the tickets was a $50,000 Ca$h Scratch-off and contained the game’s top prize of $50,000.

“Before I scratched the numbers, I scratched off the barcode and scanned it,” Hammonds said. “I saw $50,000 and I thought the app was malfunctioning.”

Hammonds said she was so excited and the first thing she did was send a picture of the winning ticket and a screenshot of the app to her mom. It only took her family a few days to make it to the Kentucky Lottery headquarters to claim the prize.

Hammonds walked away with a check for $35,750. Circle K on East 10th Street in Newport will receive $500 for selling the winning ticket.