'I thought I was dreaming'

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September 6, 2023

Andrew Joyce of Richmond, KY was at home when he won $80,000 playing a Kentucky Lottery Instant Play game online. 

Joyce said his wife and kids were in bed so he figured it would be a good night to get online.  He said he’ll normally play Keno but noticed a new Instant Play game had been added so he shifted to playing those games. 

“I was getting ready to call it a night and I’d played Double Diamond before so I decided to play that one.”  Joyce wagered $10 when moments later the $80,000 prize popped up on his screen. 

“It was late at night, and I thought I was dreaming.  I took a screenshot, and I was like, I’m going to wake up and this didn’t really happen,” Joyce said. 

“This is crazy…my heart was racing.”

Joyce waited until morning to share the news with his wife.  “She didn’t believe it either, so I sent her a picture.”  It wasn’t until he showed her the email from the Kentucky Lottery confirming the win that she believed it was real. 

Joyce received $57,200 after taxes and told officials they plan to pay student loans and their car off with the extra money.