"I'm basically going to be debt-free." | Northern KY man wins $3 million on Kentucky Lottery Scratch-off

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March 4, 2024

A Northern Kentucky man has become the Kentucky Lottery’s latest millionaire after he won $3 million on a Scratch-off ticket. 

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said part of his morning routine is to stop at GGS American Food & Deli in Ghent before heading to work.  He’ll often pick up a snack, and in some cases, his lottery tickets. 

On the morning of March 1st, his day took a surprising turn after he purchased a $30 300X The Cash Scratch-off ticket at the store. 

While sitting in his truck in the parking lot, he began to scratch the ticket off.

“I had been scratching it off quickly and I got passed the winning number by two more numbers on the second line and it dawned on me, ‘wait, there’s the twenty-four,’” he said.  “I started scratching again, when I saw a bunch of little zeroes and I was like, ‘no way!’ I was shocked when I saw that [$3,000,000 prize], I put the ticket down and got my glasses out and looked at it again to confirm that what I was seeing was real."

He said he slowly got out of his truck and walked back into the store.  He looked around and since no one was close by, he handed the ticket to the store clerk and asked if they could verify that it was a top prize winner.

The clerk received a message that the prize amount was more than the store could pay.  Next, he walked over to the kiosk and scanned it when he saw $2,100,000 on the screen. 

“That’s when it sank in,” he said.  “I’m in awe.”

The man received a check the following Monday for $1,512,000 after taxes.  He chose to take the game’s cash option amount of $2,100,000 rather than the annuity payout of $150,000 per year for 20 years. 

He told officials he has big plans for the winnings, such as paying off his mortgage, car loan and setting up a college fund for his son.

“I’m basically going to get debt-free.”

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