October brings good fortune to Kentucky Lottery players in Paris KY

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September 30, 2023

A Paris, KY man shows up on October 2 at Kentucky Lottery headquarters to claim a $154,977 Fast Play Jackpot 777’s ticket

The day before, Charlie McCann and his brother Steven were at the Circle K on Lacy Lane in Paris when Steven went inside to buy lottery tickets. 

“I play Scratch-offs every day and I had $2 left on the machine, so I thought, ‘let’s get a Fast Play.’”  He told lottery officials he doesn’t play Fast Play often. 

Steven was walking out of the store when he looked at the ticket and saw three 7’s.  “I couldn’t even see the legend, but I saw up at the top it said “Jackpot.”  I was sitting in the car, and I told Charlie, “I think we’ve won a couple thousand dollars.”

Steven went back into the store and scanned the ticket when he saw $154,977 pop up on the screen.

“I took off and went outside and I told Charlie, “We just won $154,977!””

“I was excited about it,” Charlie said.

After taxes, Charlie received a check for $110,808.55.  He told officials he plans to buy a new car and will help his niece by providing her with some financial assistance. 

Circle K will receive $1,549.77 for selling the winning ticket.