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November 6, 2023

Paul Hinton of Franklin, KY was getting ready to go to bed one night last month when he decided to play Kentucky Lottery Instant Play games online.

“I hadn’t planned on playing and then the Kentucky Lottery sent out an email, if you put $100 in your player account you get $30.  I’m always into that, so I did it,” Hinton told lottery officials. 

He started out playing the Wild Life Clusters Jackpot game when he switched and wagered $10 on the Cleopatra Clusters Jackpot game.

“I saw all those symbols come up, I was like man, this has got to be big,” Hinton said. 

Seconds later Hinton saw the message that he won the $219,395.03 jackpot pop up on his screen.  “I was freaking out…this can’t be real.”

Hinton confirmed his win by logging into his Kentucky Lottery online account.

“I couldn’t sleep that night.  I kept thinking about how this is going to get me out of debt.”  He told officials he first plans to pay off his house. 

“It’s a blessing,” Hinton said after receiving a check for $156,867.44 after taxes.