Team of Employees Share Christmas Gift of $50,000 Lottery Win

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December 12, 2023

Sheila Colter of Bowling Green, KY, is a second shift supervisor at Med Center Health Environmental Services. She gifted Kentucky Lottery Scratch-offs to her team for Christmas and they ended up with a $50,000 win.

Colter had purchased other gifts for her employees, but they had not shipped in time. “Our work Christmas party was early this year. I had ordered some items online, but they didn’t come in before the party,” Colter said. “So, I decided to get Scratch-offs instead.”

At the party, Colter gifted her employees with smaller price-point Scratch-offs in a card and had purchased some $30 tickets to share. From the $30 tickets, they won $50 so she purchased a $50 Millionaire Club Scratch-off. That ticket won $100 so she purchased two more and one of them ended up winning the game’s second prize of $50,000.

“We kept playing as a group. There are twenty-one of us,” Colter said. “I would stop on the way to work, and we kept winning.”

There were 14 employees around at the time they won the $50,000. “We were all so excited. I was on the floor.” Colter recalled. She plans to use her portion to finish her Christmas shopping.

One of her employees, Winnie Beckman, accompanied Colter on her trip to lottery headquarters. She was already planning a trip to Louisville that morning for her citizen test. “I passed!” Beckman said.

Beckman’s mother was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and when asked what she was going to do with her share, she said, “I’m going to use it for my mom’s medicine. This will help a lot. And I will never forget this.”

“It means a lot. This is going to help a lot of people,” Colter said.

After taxes, Colter left with a check for $35,750 after taxes and an oversized souvenir check to her team. Split twenty-one ways, each employee will receive approximately $1,750.

IGA Express on US 31 W Bypass in Bowling Green, where the winning ticket was sold, will receive $500.