Friday the 13th Brings Bardstown Man Half-a-Million Dollars

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October 13, 2023

A Bardstown man, who wishes to remain anonymous, and his wife came to Kentucky Lottery headquarters to collect his check from winning the $510,000 jackpot playing Kentucky 5 online.  

“I’ve been playing for 40 years, so it’s about time,” the man joked. “When I saw the jackpot was hit, I checked my email spam folder because I had heard that had happened to another winner recently. I saw an email that said I had won, and I thought, ‘I think I won,’” he said.   

“We were having our morning coffee, and when he showed me the email, I about spit out my coffee. I just said, ‘What did you play? What did you play?!’ I couldn’t believe it,” his wife said. “We sat there for two hours checking the numbers over and over again.” 

“It’s amazing. The feeling is unbelievable,” the winner said. The jackpot was won on Friday the 13th. “I usually steer away from the number 13 but not now.”  

After taxes, the man walked away with $364,650. 

The couple has been remodeling their home and said the winnings will help make that a lot easier. “It’s just nice to not have to worry,” the winner said. In addition, the couple says they are now closer to retirement.  

When asked if they were going to keep playing, the winner replied, “Yes! I’m still playing and now I want to win more. I played this morning before we came here,” he told Lottery officials. “And I check my spam folder a lot more often, too.” 

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